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A lone kestrekel soars over the still city seeking carrion. Seeing none, it dips its wing and turns towards the green-tinged limb of the rising sun emerging over the eastern hills. Although it is dawn, already a warm breeze brings a promise of another sweltering day beneath Athas’s engorged sun. A horn blows. The City of Tyr, the ancient heart of Athas, is waking.

As the dawn light catches the gleaming spires of the golden tower and limns the great Ziggurat merchants are already setting out their wares in the many bazaars across the city. Guards change shifts, nodding at each other as they pass. Although the city is in the throes of a revolution, the ordinary rhythms of life in the city proceed as normal, not knowing what else to do. Still, there is restlessness in the air. The day that is dawning is a day of change. But will it bring good fortune or evil?

Please feel free to edit this wiki and contribute information about the plot, the setting and the characters (please stick to info gleaned from Actual Play, though!).

The World of Athas

Eight (nine) ways that Athas is different from other campaign settings:

  1. The world is a desert.
  2. The world is savage.
  3. Metal is scarce.
  4. Arcane magic defiles the world.
  5. Sorcer Kings rule the city states.
  6. The gods are silent.
  7. Fierce monsters roam the world.
  8. Familiar races aren’t what you expect.
  9. Psionic abilities are commonplace.

The Campaign

Our first two sessions of play were going through a modified version of the free module Bloodsand Arena. Having completed this introduction, the players find themselves accidental initiates of The Veiled Alliance. Their friendship with this shadowy organization will no doubt bring them unexpected allies – and enemies.


NPCs listed in order of appearance:

  • Lemuel the Unlucky – Merchant of Tyr. Blamed the PCs for the id fiend he smuggled into the city.
  • Kaldras – Merchant of the Moonrunner elf tribe. Hired the PCs to guard his caravan bound for Altaruk.
  • Tellemon – Captain of the Altaruk guard. Recently deceased.
  • Lavole the Mouth – Repugnant and fat noblewoman. Can be bribed for information.
  • Birk Suntouched – Dwarf beggar with an unkempt beard and unsettling laugh. Also, a defiler.
  • Kothinn – Hooded emissary of Arisphistaneles.
  • Arisphistaneles – The unpronounceable governor of Alatruk. A former Balican templar.
  • Dammalyntar – An ancient, wizened woman with pure white hair, she runs a curio shop in the Altaruk Bazaar. Known as a practitioner of The Way.
  • Omel Drakos – A dwarf with a black beard and a patch over his left eye, he is your one-stop connection to the underworld in Altaruk.
  • Mander Sen – The representative of the little-known House Maraneth, a house of dune traders operating out of the southern wastes.
  • Dod Redwing – Educated. Erudite. Halfling. Dod travels widely, procuring extracts, powders and fruit for physicians and apothecaries.
  • Doctor Lapezious – A famous physician, he travels from city to city trafficking in expensive miracle cures. A visit from this doctor will cost you.



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