Altaruk facts at a glance:

  • Fortified town of about 2,000 souls.
  • Sponsored by the merchant houses of Wavir, Rees and Tomblador.
  • Governed by a Balican noble named Arisphistaneles.
  • Major hub for trade between Tyr, Balic and the Sea of Silt.

The rocky badlands that Altaruk occupies swarm with raiders and slavers, but the town guard drives off any that get within a day’s march of the walls. This protection does not come cheaply, and travelers must pay to enter. Altaruk can withstand any petty raid, but at times has been threatened by giants from the Silt Archipelago.

Out of deference to the new regime in Tyr, Altaruk’s governor recently suspended slave trading in the town. However, this vital economic activity persists; it has simply gone underground.

The Altaruk Bazzaar is a great place to find rare goods from across the Tyr Region, and in the local wine hall known as the Ebon Palm sharp-eared travelers can hear rumors of even more valuable finds.


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